The Trade Stalls

Market stalls are present in the Wessex Folk Festival as part of the overall event. In these stalls, the visitors can find a variety of products related to folk culture and local artisan crafts, as also regional and international food and drinks. This is an opportunity for the small local entrepreneurs to show their mercf18201a-jpg-galleryhandise, as well as a chance for the visitors to get souvenirs and a taste of Weymouth’s typical products.

Trade Stalls are often common in these kinds of gatherings. In fact, some people tend to attend the events because of their interest in shopping, or just to browse around the market. Nevertheless, leaving the place without falling for anything is rather difficult; the smell of food tends to be tempting, as well as a chance to try craft drinks and foreign cuisine.

Among the WFF trade stalls, tourists can find hand made artifacts and craft works, music instruments, craft jewelry, craft beer and cider, international cuisine stalls, sweets and candies, coffee shops, clothes and accessories, homemade cold meat, and many other products. Many of the products are described as eclectic, psychedelic in nature, and always oriented towards the development of small local businesses.

Besides the economic aspect of sales, these stalls are set in place with the idea of awaking certain feelings in people. Actully, these stalls are a way of getting in touch with the English countryside, thus bringing about a nostalgic atmosphere that adds to the festival in general. The warm season and closeness to the English seaside seems to fit perfectly with the cultural environment the event tries to revive, combining nature and art in one big attraction that thousands of people can truly enjoy.

By having every element in place, the festival presents itself as a way of escaping the urban routine and the monotony of the workplace.