The Pubs – what goes on indoors

One of the distinctive features of England is its pubs. The word “pub” comes from “public house”; in the past, public houses were not only mere bars but also places were a person could meet his friends, socialize, find out the happenings of the day in the locality while having dinner and a pint. All kinds of drinks are served in pubs; for those who are not into alcohol, tea, coffee, or soft drinks are available. Pub food tends to be served in large portions. People would mostly go to the pub by the evening, around dinner time or right after dinner.86040534_mcc0067393-pub-large_transqjwqlremtwospdiwg_jxui2le1gvoecsybdjeixoaiu

Festivals and drinking usually go hand in hand. There are a number of welcoming pubs in the area which are typical to this part of England. The way they look and the kind of drinks served are different from those found in other areas of England. During the festival, folk sessions take place not only outdoors but in these pubs as well.

One of the main advantages of having pubs nearby is that the weather is not always good during events like these, so it gives the attendants the option of going indoors in such an event. The other main advantage is that it helps the economy of the area as these pubs improve the tourism business and create job opportunities for the locals. For those tourists who are visiting the place for the first time, getting into a pub would be a good chance to be in contact with a piece of English culture.

Besides the main pubs in the area, harbor-side pubs are set up during the days when this event takes place. There are two or three pubs nearby, but the additional pubs are placed because of the amount of people attending the festival. The idea then would be to give everyone a chance to sit down, socialize and indulge in conversation over a few drinks.