The place –Dorset and Weymouth Harbour

Located in the southern coast of England, the area known now as the Dorset County has been inhabited since the Neolithic times. It was one of the areas where Romans arrived during their conquest of Britain with this situation adding polit99449_weymouthical and economic importance to Dorset. Having started as an agricultural area, Dorset has now moved on to the fishing industry, tourism, and trade.

It is in the coastal area of the Dorset County the Weymouth Harbor is situate. Also known as the Old Harbor, the area place has often been described as scenic by the many tourists who arrive during the Folk Festival. In fact, its 17th century waterfront is one of the main attractions of this place.

The harbor is full of private yachts, pleasure boats, and ferries that cross the channel. A lifting bridge gives access to those who wish to enter the marina. Weymouth is also near the are where the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics were held, a fact that attracts more people to it.

The touristic potential of this place has been exploited over the last years thanks to the Wessex Folk Festival and the scenic nature of the place itself. The tourist can enjoy the warm weather near the sea by the harbor. The can come in their own boats or rent boats for the festival, a convenient feature for those who like to spend their holidays by the sea.

The people who live around this area are quite aware of its touristic potential. Therefore, they do what they can to keep it nice and tidy and to maintain a good customer service too. The hospitality business has been growing as well, with more and more tourists arriving every year attracted by the performances connected with the Folk Festival. Tourists opine that the constant efforts to maintain good customer services and a fine environment havemade of this event a very positive experience.