Music performances and shows

Music has always been with us as a means of expressing those feelings that go beyond words and language barriers, as also every other barrier. It is the reason why many other such music festivals gather people every year.

The number of groups participating in the last Wessex Folk Festival was quite big, and this in spite the fact that this music has been altered notably over the years, but still keeps its basic roots. As in dancing, the influence of other foreign rhythms and styles that have changed music as a whole, is present here as well. The contributions each artist makes is one the elements that keeps the festival alive, to this date.

For the 2016 festival, both veteran and new artists were presen during the event. Whereas the popular singers had the chance to reconnect with the audience, the 2667257new talents had a good chance to make themselves known. Some of the participating talents were Weymouth Ukuleleans, The Rumblestrutters , Steve Dan Mills, Said the Maiden, Paul Openshaw, Nick Parker and the False Alarms, Moonshine, The Million Dollar Bash, Louise Jordan, Kadia, Island Voices , Hatful of Rain, Ed Bleach, The Dorset Wrecks, Doc Clarke’s Remedy, Bow Legged Skeeter, Bob Carter, Blackwater County, Alan Kirkpatrick and John Shaw, Aidan and the Wildfires , Acoustic Rooster, and The Wareham Whalers.

Those musicians who wish to participate may subscribe free of charge to the festival through its webpage. A sample of their work must be included in order to apply. This could be a link to an online video or recording of their material. Once sent, the music will be judged by the organisation to check if it suits the event and when the judges come up with a decision, they proceed to contact the artist for further evaluation of his/her work.