How to Save Money While Studying Abroad in the UK

The English pound is one of the world’s strongest currencies. But depending on the conversion, it can also make it hard to save money, especially when Studying Abroad in the UK. It is always prudent to be careful with money in a foreign country. If you’re pursuing a university degree in the UK, here are the best money-saving tips.

If you’re staying in London, the first step is to get an Oyster card. It works on nearly all public transport in London, and you will need it. Many other UK cities offer their own equivalent of an Oyster card for their public transport. Another tip is to look out for student discounts. Businesses in most UK cities cater to students living on a tight budget. With a student ID or an ISIC card (which identifies you as an international student), you can get plenty of discounts for food and activities around the country. There are also many free activities that you should take advantage of to save yourself even more pounds. London is especially always bustling with new sights and shows, often for free or reduced rates. Not everything has to be expensive to be fun!

Other budget-friendly tips include cooking for yourself rather than eating out. Eating out is fun and gives you a new perspective of the country, but you can’t do it every night. Shops like Sainsbury’s in England are quite affordable and have a major selection of foods. Make a budget to get the most out of your experience!