Folk Music: The Evolution

Folk music has many different meanings and the genre itself has changed a great deal since the early nineteenth century. A combination of styles, folk music has been categorized in a number of ways throughout its evolution. Originally coined a term for the category of music with unknown composers, folk as a genre has grown to integrate both contemporary and revival styles growing in popularity and becoming a massively successful industry.

folk-musicContemporary folk music is the traditional styles that have been used as core inspiration for new pieces of music. In the 1960’s, the genre of folk began going through a revival phase where musicians and artists began introducing innovative qualities to contemporary folk music. The combination of both contemporary folk and revival folk has created the current genre that is popularized in media today. Remastering and reissuing older folk music in new ways, using methods that include integrating different instruments and adapting different structures are all methods of folk revival. Folk revival requires folk musicians to possess strengths in traditional and modern methods of making music.

Nowadays, there are technological and traditional advances involved in every step of making music which has naturally evolved the contemporary folk style into a folk revival genre. The folk revival genre has become one of the more awarded and popular styles in the twentieth century. The pleasure seekers and impulsive individuals of modern society need new forms of music on a regular basis in order to meet their needs. New demographics of populations are looking for revival styles of the classic methods to making music.

Folk music integrates a number of genres which allows it to appeal of a variety of listeners. Classic radio friendly basics laced with an alternative rock edge that gives folk a clear appeal across generations. When looking at the evolution of folk music there are clear differences between what folk used to be and what kind of music it has become over the years.