5 Reasons You Should Consider Music Studies In Canada

There are certainly not only five, but also much more reasons to consider music studies in Canada. Anyhow, the first reason is that Canada is always being ranked as the best at everything. It consistently rakes in ‘best of’ titles for many different categories. Certainly, the best country to live in and to study in is Canada. Secondly Canada has fantastic music schools and colleges, such as the Alberta College Conservatory of Music just for starters where you’ll benefit from small classes and enjoy more personalized attention. These schools are often found in beautiful towns that enhance the studying experience.

shutterstock_105918146You’re Part of a Vibrant Student Culture

If you’re looking for Master’s Degrees in Music Education in Canada, then you’re not going to struggle with finding the right university. The universities offer diversity in a vibrant cultural scene. You’ll be able to join fellow students and enjoy the sounds of the Montreal International Jazz Festival. The third reason, therefore, to study music in Canada is that you can get a scholarship to study there. This means small costs for you but great rewards. There are government and university scholarships, and the Canadian government provides a database of international scholarships as well as information on the funding sponsors.

Remain in Canada

The fourth reason to consider music studies in Canada is that the country is bilingual, with French and English being two international languages. By developing your language skills, you simply boost your chances of getting an exciting career once your studies are complete. Did you know that the Canadian government offers a work program to those students who have obtained a diploma from a post-secondary school in Canada – a great way to stay in Canada while developing your music skills further? The fifth reason to study music in Canada is that as a student you’ll enjoy an enviable way of life, which is world class.